Craftsmanship, Artistry and Attention to Detail

NorthStar is a residential land investment and development company. Our purpose is to develop superior residential properties that deliver environmentally responsible aesthetics. We have an exceptional list of properties to offer, and can also provide the Southeast's finest architects, designers and craftsmen to create a custom home that fulfills and inspires.

As a developer of high-value land and exceptional residential properties, we earn our reputation by providing a unique product combined with outstanding personalized service.

NorthStar Founder Richard Williams is known for delivering uncompromising quality and meticulous craftsmanship. His passion for design is apparent in his work.

The NorthStar TEAM collaborates with customers and crews on a daily basis, to personally manage every aspect of the process, with award-winning results.  Utilizing the latest technology for interactive project management and communication, NorthStar leads the way.

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